Kitchen Tip: How to Naturally Dye Eggs

Naturally Dyed Easter EggsAs kids, we always used those Paas Easter egg dyeing kits for turning our store-bought eggs into neon colored works of art to be hidden each spring. I can’t say I’ve dyed any eggs recently – we don’t have kids, and to me it’s really an activity made most fun with children. I did buy a package a few years back, thinking I might dye some eggs. Interestingly, I recently discovered the box in the back of the cupboard and got rid of it in the Great Pantry Purge.

The ingredients in those Paas tablets read like a science book: maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, zinc stearate, sodium bicarbonate, cellulose gum, magnesium stearate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Not to mention those dyes: FD&C Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Blue #1, Blue #2, Red #3 and Red #40 (read more about why you should avoid artificial food colorings).

If you’re looking for healthy, natural dyes for your eggs this Easter, I found a number of resources on the web with some super creative ideas – from using red onion skins to ground cumin.

How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs 1

How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs 2

How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs 3

I might even be inspired to dye some of my own this year.


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