Reading Round-Up 3.22.14

Reading Round-Up

This week’s real food reads are all about one of my favorite subjects – shopping! Take a trip to the store with a new real foodie to see what she put in her cart, learn how other people are shopping for real food on a budget, find out about suspended grocery systems, and get some great tips on great natural personal care products from another real foodie.

A New Real Foodie Goes Grocery Shopping
Wondering where to get started when it comes to swapping out the food in your pantry and refrigerator for real food? Julie at Whole Food Real Food Good Food took her friend to the store to get her started on her real food journey. Want to know what she bought on her first trip? Read more.

Budget Tips for Real Food Shopping
Over at Live Simply, Kristen shares her advice for getting back on budget when buying real food, including limiting your shopping locations and using cash to stay on budget. Read more. Looking for more advice? Kristen put together 15 tips from other real foodies on how they stay on a budget. Get tips.

Frugally Feeding a Family of 4
At We Got Real, Tara gives an example of a real food meal plan she created to feed a family of four three meals per day for seven days for less than $80. Read more.

Sharing Real Food with the Less Fortunate
A fantastic idea is being proposed in nearby Williamstown, MA at the Wild Oats grocery store. The concept? “Customers are given the option at checkout of choosing from a list of healthy, perishable items to ‘suspend’ for other individuals. The suspended items are then counted as coupons, which are given to local food pantries to assist low-income community members.” Read more.

Natural Personal Care Product Recommendations from a Real Foodie
Looking for more than just real, natural food? How about some great natural products to add to your personal care regimen? For example, did you know that coconut oil makes a great eye makeup remover? Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food shares some of her favorite products with readers, from shampoos and deodorants to makeup. Read more.


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