Meal Planning: Week of March 22

This was my third week ordering a produce basket from Berkshire Organics, and I must say, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the organic produce I’ve received over the last few weeks. We’ve eaten more vegetables recently than we would have if I had been shopping at the grocery store, and we’ve even tried some new vegetables.

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been on a mission to curb our real food grocery budget since overspending (by a lot!) in January and February when we first embarked on this real food journey. For those of you keeping tabs, my total grocery spend for the first three weeks of March was just under $310. Pretty impressive by my standards. I’m hoping to finish out this last week of groceries at around $100 so I come in near the $400 mark for the month.

I wanted to keep the menu simple for this final week. I took a look through the various basket offerings available and also took a look around my pantry and freezer and settled on the following menu:

In the spirit of simplicity, I settled on the Basics Basket:

Berkshire Organics List 3-22

I used my three available substitutions to swap the celery, potatoes and lettuce for zucchini, yellow onions and more carrots. I also decided to buy a few more groceries from Berkshire Organics, after noting their prices were comparable or cheaper than other stores where I shop, plus many of their items are local. It was easy to do; I simply added the items to my online shopping cart and they were added to the box I picked up at the market. I bought a red onion, flat-leaf parsley, cilantro, a Hass avocado, organic salsa, monterey jack cheese and one pound of whole wheat linguine.

Berkshire Organics 3-21

From Guido’s I bought 1 bunch of kale, goat milk (for the quiche), eggs, sour cream, Applegate organic Black Forest ham and sliced provolone, Food For Life sprouted corn tortillas, four slices of uncured bacon, one pound of boneless skinless chicken breasts, and three pounds of chicken bones (1.5 lbs. for my bone broth and 1.5 lbs. in the freezer for the next batch!) plus I re-stocked on cream cheese and butter.

I already have a delicious batch of black bean hummus made for lunches and snacking and banana nut muffins in the freezer, plus leftovers from last night’s burritos.

Total grocery bill this week was $105, which brings the grand total for the month of March to just about $415. Not too shabby! I’d like to continue to work to bring that down a little, but overall, I’m really thrilled. That’s a huge decrease from my wildly out-of-control grocery totals for January and February. Things are looking up (and tasting great!).

Update: We were so busy this week, that we didn’t even get to the black bean soup or walnut breadcrumb pasta. For another week!


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