Kitchen Tip: Rescue Stale Brownies

I know. You’re asking yourself – what stale brownies? What kind of person keeps brownies around long enough to let them go stale? Well, every once in a while, it happens. I’ll confess. My last batch of Food Babe’s Almond Butter Brownies were pushed aside for coconut bark and other goodies and somehow didn’t get eaten in time.

stale brownies

So what to do with the 4 or 5 leftover brownies? I’m definitely not tossing them out; that’s for sure. I’ve read you can microwave them with a little water to bring them back to life, but I wanted something even tastier.

And then it occurred to me: ice cream. Ice cream solves all the world’s problems. So I picked up a pint of coconut ice cream at the store this weekend. I set it out on the counter to let it soften for about 30 minutes.

coconut ice creamI chopped those stale brownies into small pieces and put them in a bowl.

how to rescue stale brownies

Then I scooped out all of the ice cream and added it to the bowl with the brownie pieces.

ice cream added to brownies

Mix it all up with a spoon to make sure those brownie pieces are in every bite of ice cream.

mixed ice creamThen spoon it all back into the pint (yeah – it won’t all fit, so you’re going to have to eat those last few spoonfuls immediately).

back in the pintPut the lid back on and pop it back in the freezer to firm back up again before eating it all.

This would also work with other stale treats – chocolate chip cookies, blondies. Just chop, mix, freeze and enjoy!


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