Meal Planning: Week of March 15

This was my second week ordering a produce basket from Berkshire Organics. The contents of the various baskets were updated on Monday and I had until Tuesday evening to decide which basket I wanted, and if I wanted to make any of my 3 optional substitutions.

I must admit – meal planning on Monday/Tuesday for the following week has been a real mental shift for me. I was really proud of myself for regularly planning on Saturday/Sunday for the upcoming week. But now, because of the basket schedule, I find myself having to plan earlier than I’m used to. Jeff, ever the supportive husband, told me to “suck it up”.

So I took a look through the various basket offerings. We had a good amount of fruit on hand, so I knew I wanted to focus on vegetables. Here’s the wide assortment of veggies that were offered in this week’s Veggies Only Basket:

Veggies Only Basket

It was almost too many options for the number of dinners I need to prepare. I started looking for recipes with these ingredients, searching for some vegetarian options as well as meat options. After some back and forth, and some time spent on Pinterest, I settled on the following recipes for dinners:

I am also going to roast a red pepper and the eggplant from this week’s basket to use with hummus in wraps. I might even thaw some of the slow-cooker Cuban black beans that I froze last week and make spicy black bean hummus. Oh! And my friend Amanda brought me 4 bulbs of garlic which I plan to roast and use in my recipes all week long.

As if that weren’t enough, I just baked banana nut muffins and will be making homemade ranch dip for veggies. Good thing I’m not working at all this weekend!

After figuring out my shopping list, I decided to replace the collard greens, leeks, and swiss chard with apples, scallions, and red onions. I also added another pound of turnips to my order to have enough for the roasted turnip recipe.

Veggies Only Basket 3-16

Veggies Only Basket from Berkshire Organics

That left a short list for Guido’s – chicken, pork shoulder, prosciutto, walnuts, spaghetti squash, grapes, sour cream, avocados, and cheddar cheese. I also refiled my big honey jar with nearly 2 pounds of local clover honey and restocked my pantry with organic stone-ground whole wheat flour. And I was a really lucky lady this week – not one, but two people brought me a dozen eggs from their family’s chickens. Free farm eggs! What could be better?

farm fresh eggs

So good, we already ate a few…

Total grocery bill this week was $124 – and I have a hunch we’ll have some great leftovers for lunches.

For those of you keeping track, that brings the total grocery bill for the first 3 weeks of March to just around $310 (note that I don’t include wine/beer or household goods in this budget). I am really thrilled with that number. It’s actually in line with what I would have spent pre-real food shopping, which is pretty amazing. It’s all about smart meal planning, shopping locally and seasonally, and making some of those items you’d normally buy on the shelves from scratch – especially breads and sweets. Time to get cooking!


9 thoughts on “Meal Planning: Week of March 15

    • It’s been really tough to find a tortilla that I’m satisfied with ingredient-wise, even at my organic market. The best brand I can find there uses organic flours and sunflower oil, but 2% of the ingredients are still things I can’t pronounce. I must have stared at the wall of tortillas for 10 minutes the last time. I’d love to hear from other people what whole wheat tortillas they use. I want to try making my own but haven’t ventured that far yet.


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