Kitchen Tip: How to Roast Vegetables

raw vegetablesRoasted vegetables are delicious. Rich, soft, caramelized – so tasty!

You can roast vegetables in an oven anywhere from 375 degrees to about 425 degrees. I like to roast mine around the 400 range, but every oven varies. Make sure to get your oven nice and hot beforehand. Pre-heating is essential!

The key to roasting vegetables is even sizes and similar cook times. You want to make sure all of the things you’re roasting are approximately the same in size – whether the vegetable is whole or cut in pieces. And you want to pick vegetables that will roast in approximately the same amount of time. For example, you don’t want to roast tender asparagus with turnips (and that doesn’t sound particularly tasty, does it?).

All you need is a little coconut oil or olive oil. Put your cut up or whole vegetables in a bowl (or right on a pan to save on dishwashing!) with a drizzle (about a tablespoon) of the oil – or you can use an olive oil mister (I use this one). Toss to coat all of the pieces and then spread them out in a single layer. The veggies need some breathing room so that the hot air can circulate all around the pieces. Don’t forget to season the veggies with salt (and pepper if you like). The salt really brings out the flavor of the vegetables. You could also consider other seasonings or even some garlic cloves in the pan if you like. I like to keep it simple.

cut veggies

Eggplant, red bell pepper, and red onion

You’ll want to keep an eye on the vegetables as they roast, especially as different vegetables – and different size vegetables – will cook for different lengths of time. Check for when the veggies start to brown on top. Shake the pan and flip the pieces over to make sure you get even browning all over them. Roasting them closer to the top of the oven will also ensure they get nice and brown.

roasted veggies

There are so many vegetables that are great roasted. From Brussels sprouts to broccoli to asparagus – roasting adds a great depth of flavor to vegetables on their own or when used in another dish. Some great roasting combinations to consider:

  • Eggplant, Red Peppers, and Red Onions
  • Carrots and Parsnips
  • Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes
  • Zucchini, Bell Peppers, and Cherry Tomatoes
  • Medley of Root Vegetables (Turnips, Parsnips, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes) and Winter Squash (Acorn, Butternut)

The possibilities are endless. I love to put roasted eggplant and peppers in a whole wheat wrap with homemade hummus and a little crumble of sheep’s milk feta or soft goat cheese. It’s especially tasty warmed up in a toaster oven or on a panini press. Happy Roasting!

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