Reading Round-Up 3.15.14

Reading Round-Up
This week’s reads are all themed around growing and buying food in your own backyard, so to speak. Spring (and summer) are approaching and our minds have turned to CSAs and home gardens. Here’s what was in the news this week and some resources to help you get in the garden groove.

Looking for locally-grown food? There’s an app for that.
Down in Austin, Texas, a new company is doing something pretty special to connect farmers, consumers, chefs, and more. “The growmingle team has set out to become the Airbnb of the Texas capital’s locavore movement by interactively mapping it.” Read more.

Vegetables in the ‘Hood
Ever heard of an “agrihood”? Yeah, me neither, but I definitely want to know more about them after reading this story in The New York Times this week. So what is an agrihood? They are “residential developments where a working farm is the central feature, in the same way that other communities may cluster around a golf course, pool or fitness center.” Read more.

Berkshires CSA Round-Up
One of my favorite online publications, Rural Intelligence, posted a list of some of the CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) in the Berkshires – my home community – with a range of options from produce to dairy to meat. I would add a few more to the list, including Hancock Shaker Village and Cricket Creek FarmRead more.

Find a CSA in Your Community
Joining a CSA is a great way to get fresh, locally-grown food, often at a better price than you’d pay in the store. Plus, you’ll have the good feeling of knowing you’re supporting the local farmers in your community. Local Harvest has a tool to let you search for CSAs in or near your ZIP code. Find my CSA.

Grow at Home
Ready to take the plunge and start your own real food garden? Here’s a great beginner’s guide to Organic Gardening. Read more.

Clean Spring Cleaning
And in non-related food news, all of this gardening talk has me thinking of spring. How about some tips for Spring Cleaning with “clean” ingredients (i.e. chemical free)? There are millions of resources on the web. Here’s a quick spring cleaning checklist from We Got Real and some great home cleaning recipes from Simple Life Mom. I also liked this helpful visual with cleaning recipes from Nurture ~ Natural Parenting Magazine: cleaning recipes

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3 thoughts on “Reading Round-Up 3.15.14

  1. Hey Laura!

    I’m loving your blog! We are slowly (but surely 🙂 ) shifting to a real food household and enjoying the journey. You have convinced me that need to get a bread machine!!

    We’ve updated all of our cleaning supplies already with the help of Norwex and essential oils. Have you looked into essential oils at all?? We’ve seen *life changing* results using them for health and wellness, and we love using them around the house, too! I recently blogged about our some of our experiences:
    (I warn you, though, I’m very wordy and not as eloquent as you, as you can probably already tell from this comment lol) And we’ve had even more successes and wins since then. I’m obsessed!

    I just signed up to receive email alerts when you post! Excited to read and learn more!



    • Lissa – thanks so much for sharing! It is definitely a journey and there are still things I’m working toward changing, but I definitely feel better eating this way already. I’m impressed with your “clean” cleaning supplies – I have mostly been spending my time researching and cooking clean food, but I know this is next on my list. And the oils are really fascinating. I must confess I didn’t know anything about them (other than I love using Bath & Body Works lavender body creme before bed as it’s so calm and soothing – and I LOVE the scent of lavender). I read through the blog post you shared and it’s all very interesting. Do you find the scents linger when you use them (i.e. are they strong smelling and do other people notice them)? Looking forward to hearing more about your real food adventures!


      • Some smells linger more than others, it just depends on the oil.

        The bottoms of feet are a great place to rub them because it soaks into your body quickly, you can take advantage of reflexology, and then don’t have to deal with smelling oils you don’t like (I have issues with patchouli and get visions of dirty hippies when I smell it… Not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 ), but I love the way it makes me feel, so it’s always applied to the bottoms of my feet.

        Peppermint and Frankincense is a combo I LOVE the smell of (almost as much as I love the fact that it’s allowed me to completely cut out caffeine!) and I apply it on my neck: on days I wear scarves (most days), I get a sort-of scarf diffuser effect where I can smell it longer (and feel the benefits longer).

        My coworkers have noticed/mentioned a peppermint smell when reapplying, but it fades (or blends in) quickly.

        Love it! 😉


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