Kitchen Tip: Save those Bananas!

over-ripe bananasBananas looking a little over-ripe? Getting spotty? Turning brown? Stop! Don’t throw them away. These are the perfect bananas for quick breads – baked banana bread, muffins, etc. My mom taught me this trick long, long ago. As soon as they are past the point where you would eat them, stick them in the freezer. At any given point in time, I have at least 3-10 bananas in my freezer drawer.

Quickbreads are one of the easiest baked goods to make. In fact, before embarking on this real food journey, the only baked goods I had really made from scratch were quick breads and chocolate chip cookies. You don’t have to worry about yeast and rising and kneading and all that good bread-making stuff. You just stir a few ingredients together, put the pan in the oven and wait for that delicious aroma to waft through your kitchen and the rest of the house. It’s really heavenly.

A couple notes about freezing (and un-freezing) your bananas. When you put them in the freezer, the bananas will turn black. That’s ok! It’s just what happens to the banana peel when this tropical fruit meets cold temperatures. As long as the bananas were ripe when they went into the freezer, they’ll be just fine to use. Also, when you go to thaw your bananas for a recipe, be sure to thaw them in a bowl. They will produce moisture when thawing and you don’t want that liquid on your refrigerator shelves. Trust me, it’s a mess. Slice them open, mash them up and add them to your batter. I recently thawed bananas for these banana walnut muffins.


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