Reading Round-Up 3.8.14

Reading Round-UpWith so much to read up on in the Real Food world, I thought I would give you, my lovely readers, an at-a-glance digest of what I found interesting and share-able this week. Some of these were linked out to my Facebook page (along with many more useful stories, recipes, and tidbits). Many thanks to friends and fans out there who shared some of these features with me.

How to Read Egg Labels
This one is tricky. With so many labels – natural, free-range, cage-free, omega-3, free roaming, etc., etc. – how do you know what to look for on your egg carton? Thankfully, 100 Days of Real Food breaks it all down for us. Read more.

Look Out, SXSW—This Food Forest Could Be the Coolest Thing in Austin
Food Forests. What a fascinating concept. They’re hatching a plan “to plant the nation’s second urban food forest in East Austin…Perhaps as early as this summer, passersby will be able to pick herbs and vegetables from areas of the parts that have been planted.” Read more.

What’s Wrong with Modern Wheat?
White flour: the very first processed food. This is a really interesting read on whole wheat and ancient grains and the misinformation around gluten (and the recent popularity of “gluten-free”. Read more.

Berkshire Grown: A Case Study of an Organization Vital in Creating a Local Food System in Western Massachusetts
On the Huffington Post, Rafi Bildner, Founder of October Mountain Farm in my home community of the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, writes about local food and agriculture umbrella NGOs (like our own Berkshire Grown) and the importance of local food networks for farmers, restaurants and consumers. Read more.

How to Choose and Use Good Fats
My friend Ellen at Becket Bakehouse – a great local organic bakery – shared this helpful guide to choosing fats for cooking, baking, and more with me. I was surprised to find olive oil was not recommended for cooking. Wondering what oil works best for roasting those Brussels sprouts or making salad dressing? View this handy printable guide.

Sugar, Sugar and More Sugar
Two sugary posts caught my attention this week: 1. This video, which gives a side-by-side comparison of whole foods with natural sugars and processed versions of those foods. You won’t believe how much sugar is added during processing. 2. This article in The Guardian reporting on the WHO’s recommendation that “adults should cut sugar intake to less than a can of Coke a day”.

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