The Great Pantry Purge

When I started buying and cooking real food at the beginning of January, my first inclination was to finish using all of the goods in my pantry. After all, wouldn’t it be wasteful to just toss out all of this perfectly good “food”? I started buying new pantry staples – whole wheat flours, coconut oil, organic dark chocolate, palm sugar, organic beans, whole wheat pasta, and almond butter – but my cupboards began to overflow as the white flour, Jell-O, Aunt Jemima Butter Lite syrup, powdered sugar, Splenda, canola oil, corn syrup, and Crystal Light were pushed to the back of the shelves to make room for the new organic, whole ingredients.

Pantry Purge

After baking whole wheat breads, almond butter brownies, and fresh whole wheat bagels and English muffins, I found myself wondering when I would ever use these ingredients again. Would I really be inspired to use that bottle of dark corn syrup? Or make a pitcher of Crystal Light lemonade? The answer, I realized, was a simple “no.”

So on a Sunday afternoon, I pulled everything out of my cupboards and filled a box to give away to someone else who can use them. And you know what? All that extra room made space for the almond flour, shredded coconut, organic dark chocolate and more that just arrived in my latest shipment from Vitacost. And now I know that when I reach into my cupboards, I can feel confident that I’m cooking and baking with the healthiest ingredients possible.

Stay tuned – in future posts I will share more about my new pantry staples and where to purchase them!


6 thoughts on “The Great Pantry Purge

  1. Laura-

    I’m glad you started a blog- can’t wait to follow your cooking adventures! What do you think of Vitacost? I’ve wanted to order from them for a while now- did you have a good experience?

    Thanks for the insights,


    • Thanks Hannah! I’m glad you’re enjoying reading the new blog. I simply LOVE Vitacost. I read about them on a blog somewhere and so far, my experiences with them have been exceptional. Great products – lots of options, excellent pricing, free & fast shipping, outstanding customer service, etc. etc. Be sure to check out the post I wrote about my last order. You’ll also note a link at the bottom of that post about how you can save $10 on your order. You just sign up for a free rewards account and make a purchase. Happy shopping!


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